Saturday, 19 November 2011

And the sun will set for you.

We all make promises, and promise to keep our promises. How often does that work out?

"I promise never to hurt you."
"I promise I will never hurt you again."
"I promise this was the last time."
"I promise I will make it up to you"
"I promise never to lie to you again."
"I promise to never let you go."
"I promise to stay by your side."
"I promise I will never let you down."
"I promise I will always be around."
"I promise tomorrow will be better than today, and today will be better than yesterday."
"I not promise anymore?"

Any of these ring a bell? When was the last time you built hope intentionally or unintentionally?
Until they give us the time machine, don't promise unless you can keep it. Don't break their hearts because they can break your bones.

The sun will set after noon. You need not promise for a better tomorrow, go out there and make it happen for yourself. You need not plan ahead, let the most unexpected get to you. You need not wait for the sun to rise, make most of what's in the dark and let it be.

Make most of what you've got and what you've not.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

So what if I dance alone?

We dance at our best when we dance like no one's watching. We forget all our pain, anger, fear, depression, hate, lust. We let go of everything and give into ourselves. 

Like Billy Idol said, 

"Well there's nothing to lose,
And there's nothing to prove,
I'll be dancing with myself."

People love to talk and they love to gossip. Learn to love to listen, and learn to keep it to yourself. Learn to know what to say to whom, and how. Learn to not judge and learn to earn and give respect. Learn to adjust. Learn to try not too hard into fitting in. Learn to speak up and learn to give in. Learn to obey and learn to give. Learn to let go and let lose. 

It's okay if you don't fit into the bigger groups and it's okay to feel unaccepted. Don't push too hard. Peer pressure will break you and crush you into pieces, hanging out with the not-so-famous people will not make you a forever-aloner. Nobody cares enough to judge you, so stop judging yourself. You are your best friend, learn to love yourself and learn to differ.

Learn to dance and learn to dance alone.