Sunday, 3 February 2013

Stop playing games with my heart!

I had three slices of pizza for dinner, and two slices of cake because I was starving before dinner. And now I'm having trouble farting. Probably shouldn't be writing about this, but all hail freedom of speech.

I feel impregnated by gas, probably because I'm trying too hard to push it out. And this is all too much information, but just so you know, gas gives terrible heart aches, the kind that make Shehbaz Sharif feel like he's having a heart attack.

Too. Much. Pain.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

C'est la vie: Such is life.

"Something that you say when something happens that you do not like but which you have to accept because you cannot change it."

The sun's rising, wind blows your hair onto your face, you're walking alone, you're wishing to find yourself but all that surrounds you is nothing. You're tired, you've been soul searching for days now. Solace is just an illusion, your heart tells you to stop because there's only dead ends ahead. But you can't stop because you're too numb to feel what your heart wants you to feel. 

You can't stop because you like it. You like walking through the dusk. You feel invincible. You like the humidity gently touching your cheeks, and you like the grass tickle your feet. You whisper, "la vie est belle: life is beautiful". But is it really?

The grass is no longer beneath your bare feet because you've been walking for too long. You're far ahead from where you started. 

The sun is out now. You find it harder to breathe but you keep on going. You're walking on cold white cement, one step at a time. You're slowing down. Steps become smaller, baby steps. You're there. On top of the world, facing the sun. How does it feel? You don't know. You're just standing there. Looking down on empty streets then looking up at the sky. You take a step ahead, ask yourself if you're sure. You step back.

You're not afraid of heights, are you? You can't remember the last time you felt this good, like you could do anything. Like you could fly. You take a step back. 

You're over the sun. You're walking forward now. You ask yourself if you're sure. 

Are you?