Sunday, 25 November 2012

Little Happy Things. #2

I logged into facebook, and this is what appeared in my news feeds.

Mahrukh, I love you.
And Jalebi Productions makes me smile. Yes, it's a link, so yes, you better like it!

I may probably be back to liking people.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Why are Asians normally short?

Answer: Heavy school bags.

Exhibit A. Photo Credits: The Hindu

Exhibit B. Photo Credits: Express Tribune.


Sometimes, I wonder about the stupidest thing I've ever done. And I go blank. Now I know, I'll always have a story to tell if somebody other than myself ever asked me that.

November 13th, 2012. The stupidest day of my eighteen year old life. They say smart people learn from the mistakes other people have made, and then there are people who never see it coming. I really hope this post is a lesson to a lot of people. Who am I kidding? This is pretty hilarious.

So, on Tuesday, my friend and I decided to bunk sociology. The thing about bunking is, if you really want to, you have to be very wise about where you decide to hide. That's exactly what we did. We hid in another bloc of the building, determined on how good a hide out it was. And it really was a good hide out. It was the perfect bunk. The only thing that went wrong for us was when we decided to wave to random people passing through the corridor from the first floor. And that's when we got caught. That's when she saw us.

For the sake of putting my sanity under question I will stop here.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Letter #2

Dear person I don't recall adding to my Facebook account,

Well, hello there, stranger. I hope you're fine, blah blah. Let's be honest here. I really don't know who you are and where you came from. A stranger you be.

There's no hope for us to become friends because I'm unfriending you. I'm unfriending you because I do not know you. Also, it's about time "unfriending" and "unfriend" are taken into consideration as words.

Stretching this letter is a waste of time. So is writing this letter. I was probably as drunk as I am now when I may have accepted your friend request. I'm drunk on water because I'm trying to be funny when I'm wasted. You probably don't even deserve a letter...

Bye person I don't recall adding to my Facebook account.


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Almost winter.

It's not really winter here in Karachi yet, but I try making myself feel like it is. I've been eating spoons full of peanut butter since ever it got chilly. "Who needs drugs when you have peanut butter?" "Addicts."

Also, I recently found out that shit in past tense is shat. Who knew, right? Nobody knew. Because it isn't.

This is something I just came across. Facebook has made life harder on so many levels. I just had to call my dad and ask him if I could get a cat, and he told my to call my mum and she told me to ask my grandmother. Nobody ever told me to get 1,000 likes. Now that I feel old, I also feel happy. Also I feel stupid, because there are better things to write about. I hope these kids get a cat. 

Little happy things.

Because yay! I won a virtual cupcake. And you know what's awesome? It has wings!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Letter #1

Dear unfinished book,

It's been long since I last held you. I thought I'd get through with you. I thought, for once, I had grown up to be responsible enough. I thought I had learned to be better. I thought I'd get through with you.

I'm writing you this letter to let you know I have not forgotten the melancholy and adrenalin we shared.  I have not forgotten my obsession either. Neither have I forgotten the tear drops I left you with and in. Nor the smiles we exchanged. I don't expect you to know the feeling of leaving something behind unfinished. I don't think I can explain that feeling. I don't think you'll understand.

You should know, just last week, I decided I'm going to make friends with poetry. And then I sat there for an hour trying to write a poem, all I could come up with on my notebook were lines and swirls.

You should also know when I say I'm busy, doesn't mean I'm trying to get rid of you. It just means I'm busy. I don't even have enough time to shower twice a day anymore. There's so much going on. Monotony is life now. But I'm writing you this letter anyway. Because you need to know I have not forgotten you, and I never will. And someday, I promise, someday, I will come back.

Dear unfinished book. This letter is left unfinished in your honour.



Sunday, 4 November 2012

Mom's are always or mostly right.

Have you ever had the nightmare where you bring a stranger home from a huge departmental store, you have lunch with her, give her your bed to sleep in, come back to see she's killed your family?

I totally get why ma says don't talk to strangers.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hi there.

I don't post a lot here, mainly because I don't have a lot to say anymore. So I'm just going to smile like an idiot, because that's what I do now.

This is super-tan school-me. It's not that I forgot to draw glasses, it's just that drawing on a laptop is hard and the tablet is in another room and I'm too lazy.

Bye now.